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Order Template #21 only - $10.00    Order Customized Template Package #21 - $120.00

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About This Template:

This template has been coded to work with WebbPG RSS CMS and SiteSkin and very easy to configured by modifying the config.php file with any text editor.

You can download a Free Sample Template package to try out.

Each Template package comes with 3 versions in the zip file:
- HTML Version
- SiteSkin 3.3 Version
- WebbPG RSS CMS Version

Customized This Template Package:

This web site package will be customized to suit your needs for $120.00 US. This price includes :

You will also receive blank versions of the buttons and the page title for future alterations.

If you require additional pages and/or menu buttons, these can easily be added for you. Each additional page will include the complete layout, graphics, extra menu buttons, page title and text link added to other pages for $20.00.

You will also receive the font I used. Usually, I use free fonts. I will also provide the JavaStyles for the rollovers as well as the CSS Styles for the links that are used without a button.

HTML tutoring is not included. Assistance for building your pages can be provided at the hourly rate of $50.00.

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